“Please help me! I can’t swim!”

“Please help me! I can’t swim!” Those were the first words I was able to utter after being in a state of shock for maybe a good minute or two. I seriously froze after falling into the water from the jet ski I was riding on with two other people. One minute I was sitting on the jet ski then boom…..I was down in the water panicking! I don’t know exactly what happened. Everything was a blur. All I could remember was that I was trying my best to hold on to the tail of the jet ski that was still running. It wasn’t actually moving at that moment but the engine was on. I was able to grab on to my fiance’s shirt and was getting closer to grabbing on to the jet ski but the jet ski suddenly moved as if someone hopped into it and started driving. What happened was that my fiance grabbed the jet ski by the handlebar and accidentally pulled the lever. Of course the jet ski started taking off because the engine was still on when we fell and so there I was…left floating around with my life vest that was too big for me and it was starting to come off. I wanted to scream “help” but no words would come out of my mouth. I was totally shocked of what just happened. I couldn’t move my legs and I don’t know how deep the water was. All I know is that I couldn’t reach the bottom of it. I wanted to swim but how could I do that when I haven’t got a single clue on how to do it in the first place! I remember what they said that your suppose to keep paddling your legs but I was seriously brain-dead for a moment and my life flashed before my eyes. Then I heard my fiance’s youngest brother screaming for help and that woke me up from my sudden shock. I turned around and they were all going towards his direction to try to help him. Then I saw his teenage brother and I said “Please help me! I can’t swim!” He then rushed towards my direction to save me. I was very scared at that moment and my whole body was shaking. Everyone was so worried and his sister thought that the three of us were under the jet ski because it flipped sideways and they couldn’t see us. I was so upset with my fiance because I remembered that before all that craziness happened I was telling him to stop doing some risky moves while driving the jet ski which he did but his mistake was that he didn’t shut the engine off and took off the wristband attached to the safety kill switch just as we were about to get off the ride. He kept apologizing to me afterwards but I was upset for a while and wouldn’t talk to him. I had to calm myself down first and get my composure back. Surprisingly I didn’t get off the water while trying to recover from my shock from what happened that day. But I was quiet for a while. Staring at nothing. In deep thought. It made me realize even more how precious life is. I wasn’t sure if I still want to get back on the jet ski after that incident. I remember telling my fiance that I should really take swimming lessons. I really love being in the water. I LOVE THE BEACH. I love water activities and yes you can call me crazy because I love boogie boarding every summer. I love boat rides and have gone sailing as well as paddle boarding (need more practice on this), kayak, aqua bike and recently jet ski but I am clueless about swimming and the only times I wore a life vest was when I went paddle boarding and jet skiing. It’s not that I don’t think about the dangers of being in the water especially for someone like me who couldn’t swim but somehow the happiness I feel doing things that I love overshadows my fear and that is why I got back on the jet ski that day :D. However, I will make an effort to learn how to swim so I can enjoy the water even more and find the courage to try other water activities that I only dream of doing.



This is actually the continuation of what I wrote 2 weeks ago for the Daily Prompt- Ready, Set, Done! 🙂

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