Grateful for a Dream

This photo was taken last year in November. Three months before my grandmother passed away.

My grandmother always knew how to make everybody feel special and loved. One of the ways she showed me her love and affection was perfectly described in this quote.

I dreamt of her again last night and as always, she was happy and smiling just like when she was still with us. We were outside, in front of a house where there was a stream of water as if the rain had just stopped. My grandmother was wearing a white duster and she was supposedly going to a shed of some sort where she’s been spending most of her time. One thing that was different in my dream this time was that we hugged each other tight before she supposedly went on her way to that shed. I was crying while hugging her and telling her how much I love and miss her and I also apologized for all my shortcomings. We looked at it each other and she had the sweetest smile on her face while I kept crying. I was hesitant to leave her. Then I saw her look in another direction where I saw an elderly man. He was wearing a white shirt and it looks like he was just leaving as if he just visited my grandmother. This is the second time I dreamt that there was a man visiting my grandmother. I didn’t see the man’s face at both dreams and I can only assume that it was my grandfather. Maybe next time he will reveal himself to me. I also didn’t get to see my grandmother go to the shed because my dream was cut short and I woke up crying.

There was more to my dream but that was the last part of it and something that really registered to me as I wrote it immediately upon waking up. I don’t really know what my grandmother is trying to tell me but one thing seems to be apparent in every dream that I’ve had of her since her passing, she looked really happy and content. I am just grateful that I still get to see her in my dreams and that warm loving smile of hers. It’s one of the things I miss the most about her. She just knows how to instantly make you feel better.

Thank you Mamang for visiting me again in my dream and for reminding me that you are always watching over me.

I love you and miss you very much .


4 thoughts on “Grateful for a Dream

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words. 🙂 I miss my grandmother beyond words and I am grateful that she visits me in my dreams. It makes me feel that she isn’t too far away and that she’s always looking out for me.

  1. I am sure your grandmother is still with you! My parents passed away many years ago, but I still, once in a while, sense that they are right here with me 😉
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I appreciate it. Helen

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