A Snowy Valentine’s Day Proposal

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of dinner, roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Like I mentioned in my previous post some time last week, I think it’s cheesy. Maybe I think that way because of all the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day and that somehow causes it to lose its special meaning. At least that’s my opinion. One person that knows best about my anti-Valentine’s Day feelings is my fiance (well, you guys know about it now too 😀 ) and boy he made sure that I will find a reason to love Valentine’s Day. Take a wild guess about what he did? If you said proposal, you are absolutely right! Wait, I actually made it easy for everyone to guess it as the title of this post says it all 😀 . So yes, he did propose to me on Valentine’s Day, exactly 4 years ago today. I’d say his plan was brilliant as I was totally clueless about the whole thing. We were actually on a snow boarding trip with friends because we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a not so romantic kind of way but my “Mr. Valentine” had other plans unbeknownst to all of us. Wait, actually I found out later on that he told my best friend about it prior to leaving for the trip and he told his Mom the night before. So, three people knows about it at least 😉 .  He knew how I felt about proposals in front of many people as I always made comments about proposal videos that we’ve seen on YouTube. I think proposals should be just between the couple. I think it makes it more special that way, but then again that’s me and everybody’s different.

We had planned on taking photographs of the scenery that day while the rest of our friends went snowboarding. We were having a great time taking photographs when my fiance suggested to take a hike up the snowy mountains. We  continued taking photographs as we were hiking but I had a change of heart and wanted to go back down. My fiance on the other hand insisted that I stay where I was for a few more minutes so he could take photos of us together since it was our first time at Mt. High.  After taking a few photos, my fiance started talking about our relationship for the last four years. He talked about how thankful he is to God because he had given him the perfect gift and that he finally found his soul mate. Before I even had the chance to utter a word, he had already got down on bended knee and said the magic words, ” Will You Marry Me?” . I was like,  “What? Seriously? Nooooo!” I said no but I meant to say yes! I said no because I could not believe that he just proposed. I was in shocked and was speechless because I got caught up in the moment. It was totally unexpected! In my mind I kept saying, “Is this really happening right now?”. Then it is followed by, “Snap out of it girl and say something!” Hahaha! I didn’t even realized that I did not answer his question right after he asked me. I kept hugging him but wasn’t saying anything until he reminded me that I haven’t answered his question. Hahaha! I hugged him once more and whispered ” Yes!” It was truly a special day that we will never forget 🙂 .

On our way home I asked him, “Why of all the days you had to pick Valentine’s Day?!” and he replied, “because I know you will never expect it!” Hahaha! Smart move Mister…very smart move! 😀

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...and we're ready for a fun filled day! :)
…and we’re ready for a fun-filled day! 🙂
Just moi posing! Hehehe!
Just moi posing! Hehehe!
…and here he was taking a photo of me after setting up the compact camera’s video recording unbeknownst to me…..
Another photo op….hehehe!
...and our souvenir photo prior to proposal...he asked the magical question a few minutes after this photo was taken.....
…and our souvenir photo prior to proposal…he asked the magical question a few minutes after this photo was taken…..
.....and voila! I said YES! :)
…..and voila! I said YES! 🙂
He had the tripod setup so we can take photos of us on this very special day 🙂 .

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