Eat Your Way to the Bank!

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Subscribing to Huffington Post via Facebook is probably one of the worst decisions I’ve made this year! Well, probably not worst but a part of me feels that way as I’ve been spending WAY too much time reading articles after articles and watching videos and looking at photos of super cute animals or babies or something of rarity…jeez! I could go on and on and that’s what happens every time when all I intended to watch or read was the most recent post shared by  this so-called Internet Newspaper”. Anyway, after spending a good two hours (yes, 2 hours…on a weekend…I need a life! LOL!) browsing their site I stumbled upon this article about a woman from South Korea who makes $9,000 a month by eating in front of a webcam! Seriously! She makes that much money a month and all she does is eat in front of a webcam while she chats with people. Apparently, this is South Korea’s latest internet trend called meokbang (some kind of food porn), where you eat a large amount of food while live streaming! Park Seo-yeon also know as “The Diva”, is now a big celebrity in South Korea because of this trend. She spends hours each day cooking and eating her meals in front of her webcam while she chats with her fans. She then receives tips in the form of online currency that can be exchanged for cash. I guess somewhat like the bitcoin.  People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can’t eat that much, don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet,” per Seo-yeon. She has since quit her job as a consulting agent to eat full-time. Wow! I wish I could do that! Eat and get paid and not gain any weight! Hahahaha! I wonder how she stays slim! I know South Korean food is healthy but in the video I watched she was eating a lot of meat as well. I’m guessing she’s probably under 30 and has no problem keeping her metabolic fire burning 🙂 . I’m jealous! Hahahaha! Anyway, I was curious as to why it’s called meokbang(slang term) so I looked it up and according to Korea Herald, “Meok,” which is a shortened version of the verb “meokda” ― meaning “to eat” ― and “bang” ― short for “bangsong,” which translates to “on air” ― forms the self-explanatory catchall phrase for dining on-screen.  Ohhh, I see! Ugh! All this talk about food is now making me really hungry and crave for bibimbap! I miss Tofu House!!!!!!!!!! It’s my favorite Korean restaurant (unlimited fish cake! yum! 😀 ) around town and I’ve been going there for years now but I get the same thing over and over again. Hehehehe! Typical me! I go to a specific restaurant for a specific food that I love and I order nothing else except on rare occasions which happens on rare occasions as well 😀 . Hahahaha! Did I just say that? Or I should say typed that?! 😀 Talk about redundancy! Anyway, I think I need to get a snack now…energy depleted from all the food talk. Later! 😀


Here’s a video of The Diva 😀 . Enjoy!

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