Photography: The Hakone Pirate Ship

Hakone Pirate Ships are one of the many attractions in Hakone. It is a sightseeing cruise ship that looks similar to the pirate ships you’ll find at Disneyland.
The Hakone Pirate Ships are a famous sight on Lake Ashi and a Hakone icon. The Hakone Pirate Ships are the main form of transport between the Hakone Ropeway Station at Togendai and the two townships of Motohakone-ko and Hakone-machi. * Source.
From the deck of the Hakone Pirate Ships you can enjoy the scenery Lake Ashi including the vermillion shrine gate of Hakone Shrine. There is even a small chance that the weather will be clear enough to allow a clear view of Mt Fuji.
* Source.
These photos were taken a few years ago while on vacation in Japan with my old Sony Cybershot DSCT5 5.1MP digital camera. You’ll notice how pixelated these images are once you expand it and I’m not too thrilled about that but I’m still glad that I was able to take a few photos of the famous Hakone Pirate Ship ๐Ÿ™‚ .

2 thoughts on “Photography: The Hakone Pirate Ship

  1. yea, I was a little puzzled by that one as well… but now that I’ve seen it a hundred times, it’s become a bit of the scenery.. er,tour… lol

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