Thank you Belinda!

Sometime last week I received a 2014 daily planner with a matching pen from one of my very inspiring blogger friends all the way from “The Heartland Province”, Belinda (check out her blog here-> busymindthinking). I’ve been meaning to take a photo of it and share it with you guys but I never got around doing that until yesterday. I remember getting all excited as I was opening the envelope! It’s like Christmas all over again! Hehehehe! As soon as I opened it, I was like “awwwww” 😀 . I love it! I love that it’s not bulky (perfect for my purse) and I love the color as well (one of my favorites). But my favorite of all are the inspirational quotes found on each page of the planner and the “You Matter to Me” that’s inscribed in the planner and the pen. I find those words very touching and absolutely inspiring! 🙂

Thanks so much Belinda for the wonderful inspiring gift! I absolutely love it!! 🙂 ♥

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