Holding on tight with that dream in my heart!

Growing in the Waiting

“We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.”
(Hebrews 6:12 NIV)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

If God made everything happen right away, or whenever we wanted it to happen, it wouldn’t require anything of us. We would miss the opportunity to grow because we grow in the difficult times. We grow when our faith is being stretched, when we have to believe when we don’t see any reason to believe, when we stay in faith when our mind is telling us we’re wasting our time, when we give God praise but we really feel like complaining. That’s passing the test. When you do that every day, your faith is not only increasing, your character is not only being developed, but you are one day closer to seeing the promise come to pass.

Today, don’t give up on a promise just because you’ve been waiting a long time. Dig your heels in. Put on a new attitude. God is saying, “Every promise I’ve spoken over you, every dream I’ve placed in your spirit, even the secret petitions of your heart, the dreams you haven’t told anyone about, I still have every intention of bringing them to pass.” Stay close to Him. Obey His Word and move forward in the blessing and victory He has prepared for you!

You can view some of my collection here. Thanks in advance! 🙂

I am just about to go to bed when I received the message you just read above this photo. I had just shared the photo above on Instagram because I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the very first greeting card from my photography collection and my Dad will be the very first recipient!  🙂 I know it’s a long way to go before I can make my dreams come true but I believe that taking the small steps will get me there soon. I know it will happen and I am patiently waiting for that perfect moment :-).

It’s funny because as soon as I finished uploading this photo on Instagram, I received Joel Osteen’s very fitting and uplifting message through email. What a perfect timing! I believe it’s a sign! I’ll take it as a good sign to continue pursuing my goals and to hold on tight with that dream in my heart♥ :-).

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