When a Misfortune Becomes a Blessing


I couldn’t agree more! The funny thing sometimes is when you are thought of a lot only because you were needed. But the moment their once chaotic life seems to find its order…..you are easily forgotten and taken for granted. I think the worst part and most painful is when they fail to even recognize their shortcomings and you were practically abandoned. You were pretty much an option that was easily canceled because they don’t need you anymore. This is when you realize that all that really mattered to them all along is about themselves. It’s always about what they can get from you and never once “what can I do for you”. It has always been about them…always.

So how do you properly respond to such rejection? You try not to feel rejected or unwanted as much as possible but reality bites. Whether we like to accept it or not, we are all fragile human beings. We’re not always as strong as we wish to be and we can’t possibly numb ourselves forever. There comes a time in our lives where we are left with only one option….and that is to let go. We must learn to forgive and accept in order to let go. So we can let go of things that no longer serves us.

Life is too short.  We must value what works and who matters and let go of the things that complicates our lives.

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