Throwback Thursday: Summer Fun with the Cousins

I believe this photo with my cousins, grandparents and aunts was taken when I was 5 or 6 years old just before my birthday : ) .

Growing up without my siblings around always made me wish it was summer all year round because summer time means having my cousins over as they are off from school for two months and likes to visit grandma and grandpa which makes me the happiest kid on the block because I live with my grandparents!!! 😀 My cousins are a lot of fun and we always enjoyed each others company despite the occassional drama at times. Most of us are girls, so no surprise there :-). I remember when I was 8 years old and two of my older female cousins who were teenagers already at the time were talking about boys and they were trying to keep it a secret because they would only talk about it when they thought it was just them two in the room. Little did they know I was nearby trying to evesdrop and being a nosy kid wanting to be a part of the young adult conversation they were having! Hahahaha! I only did that once though and can’t even remember their exact conversation because most of what I heard was the giggling. Hahahaha! Oh teeny boppers! 😀 Plus, my grandma caught me evesdropping and I got in trouble for it. Hehehehe! I used to scratch my head about this but years later I understood why there was so much giggling going on as I went through that teeny bopper stage of my life too  ;-).

I always looked forward to summers because of them and having them around every year on my birthday definitely made my natal day extra special :-D.

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