Photography: The Famous Kiss


This photo was taken in late winter of 2011 when my sister was visiting from the East Coast. I was giving my ‘lil sis a tour around town (San Diego) and we made a stop by harbor drive where the Unconditional Surrender sculpture or also known as the “Famous Kiss” is perfectly placed across USS Midway (which is now a museum). I love vintage and since the famous photo where this sculpture was based at was taken in 1945 right after WWII, I decided to give a more vintage feel to it by tweaking the color. You can check the history of the famous photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt HERE.

197538_10150150468978383_2535452_nI couldn’t resist taking a photo of this couple as they were mimicking the famous kiss while under the “famous kiss” sculpture. Talking about seeing double! 😀 It would have been perfect if they had the same outfit as well ;-).

183768_10150150469038383_2488830_n…and meet my ‘lil sis Aubrey! 🙂

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