Throwback Thursday: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern


With Travel Channel’s Mr. Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern 🙂 The photo was taken early last year at Kalye Hits, a full service restaurant serving Filipino street foods that was featured on Bizarre Foods. It’s one of my favorite shows on Travel Channel and I still remember watching the very first episode almost 7 years ago. We didn’t know Bizarre Foods was filming at the restaurant when we got there and we were so stoked when we found out what was going on! We couldn’t believe it! We were so excited to see how they film it so we decided to stay the entire time of filming and watch :D. It was pretty cool! The staffs were friendly and nice enough to let us watch while they were filming and the BEST part was when Andrew Zimmern took the time to take photos with everyone and say thanks :). You can find my blog post about this here. The San Diego episode where Kalye Hits was featured was aired on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods on August 2012.

Below is a vlog shared by Andrew Zimmern where he talks about his favorites for 2012.

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