Photography: Atop Mt. Komagatake

The view from atop Mt. Komagatake This photo was taken when I last visited Japan. I thought the view was breathtaking and I couldn’t believe I went on the tram! That was a brave moment and a check on my bucket list! 🙂

The Hakone Komagatake Ropeway (箱根駒ヶ岳ロープウェー Hakone Komagatake Rōpuwē?), officially the Komagatake Ropeway Line (駒ヶ岳索道線 Komagatake Sakudō-sen?), is Japanese aerial lift line in HakoneKanagawa, operated by Izu Hakone Railway. The line, opened in 1963, climbsMount Komagatake (駒ヶ岳?) from the Lake Ashi lakeside.

From 1957 to 2005 Izu Hakone Railway also operated Hakone Komagatake Funicular (駒ヶ岳鋼索線) which climbed Komagatake from east side.


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