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*The photo quality is quite grainy because my compact camera doesn’t take good pictures at night and the zooming makes the photo pixelated as well.

Jason Mraz is one of my all time favorite artists. I’ve been a  fan of his music for over a decade now and I wish I got to see him play at Java Joe’s in San Diego back in the days when he was just starting his singing career. How could I miss that opportunity when we live in the same town! Ugh! Well, at that time he lived in San Diego but he has since moved just a little bit farther and now owns an avocado farm in Fallbrook, CA. Anyway, I have always wanted to see him perform live but never really got the chance to until his We Sang, We Dance, We Steal Things Tour in 2008 but my fiance and I were lucky enough to meet him about 11 months earlier when we went to see Colbie Caillat‘s very first show as an emerging artist back in 2007. I’ll never forget waiting in line to get in at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach and noticed a guy wearing a hat similar to what Jason Mraz always wears, a pink shirt, eyeglasses and he looked SO much like Jason! So I said to my fiance “Doesn’t that guy look so much like Jason? Wait, I think it is him!”, he then looked at him then turns around with a big grin and said “Oh, wow! It is definitely him!”. We were so stoked  because we were dying to see him perform live and all of a sudden we see him in person…up close! OMG! We were so excited! We were wondering if he was going to perform with Colbie Caillat or he was there as a special guest but he was actually just there to watch Colbie perform. So after the show we spotted him at the back talking to some fans and we took advantage of that opportunity to approach him, introduce ourselves, chat a little bit and have a photo op with him :D. My fiance and I were both trying to contain ourselves from too much excitement while talking to him and it was so hilarious because as soon as we got out of the concert venue, we were like little kids who went to Disneyland for the very first time giggling and couldn’t stop smiling! Hahahaha! It was too funny!!! 😀 We did ask him at the time if he has a new album coming out soon and if he will be touring as well and I think he said yes. I can’t recall the exact details of the conversation because I was mesmerized! Hahahaha! But I do recall him even asking us if we want a photo with him! How cool was that! So we did took a photo with him (of course…how could we not ;-)) and he even asked for another shot after the first one :). He was very humble and we were thankful that he took the time to mingle with his fans.



Seven months after we saw him at Colbie Caillat’s concert he released his third album entitled We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things  which was later followed by a tour. As soon as we found out about the tour dates we immediately purchased tickets and not even the  two hour drive to the concert venue was going to stop us. Yes, it was a two hour drive but worth it! 😀 We were hoping that he would do a meet and greet with his fans and sign autographs after the concert but unfortunately he didn’t. It would have been nice too  so our friend that went to see the concert with us could meet him as well. Oh well! There’s always a next time! Right?! 😉


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