Finding Herself Again

1001-_ps_IMG_9080As she takes a long walk one afternoon, she realized that in order to find herself again she has to reconnect with her old self….the girl who somehow got lost trying to find her place in this busy world. She thought she was doing just fine with how things are going in her life. She got it all planned out…or so she thought. Until one day, she woke up and realized that something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Something is off. Something is missing.  She struggled to find what’s missing in her life for years. She wasn’t sure what it was. To this day she isn’t sure what it is. Maybe someday soon she’ll figure it out. She needs time to put the pieces back together. She needs her puzzle pieces to find herself again and once she does she can finally say that she’s complete. That’s the day when she can finally say that she’s content and happy.

She knows it’s not going to be easy. It’s a long process…but she’s willing to do what it takes to get there…one step at a time.

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