Throwback Thursday: Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Back when short hair was my preference some eighteen years ago! Hahahaha! :)
Back when short hair was my preference some eighteen years ago! Hahahaha! 🙂

Talk about really short hair! LOL! I used to have a really long hair prior to chopping it super short as you can see in the photo above. I don’t know what got to me that crazy day in January of  1994. Yes, I remember exactly when! Hehehehe! How could I forget! It took me years to let it grow! After a while I missed my long hair because I couldn’t do much with a short hair. Since then every time I’m having one of those “short hair” moments, I remember what happened last time and I quickly change my mind. I just get a trim instead! Hehehehe!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Short Hair, Don’t Care!

  1. I made the mistake of going for a big chop a few years ago. But frankly, I enjoyed having a quirky bob for quiet a while. It was so easy to style and maintain. But I finally decided to start growing my hair last year. It is so difficult! Maintaining it and resisting the urge to cut it off every other day. LOL! But I can’t wait for it to get real long. I have curly hair so it takes twice as long to grow 😦 BTW you look so cute in those pics 🙂

  2. Yes, it was so easy to maintain a short hair and you get to save on shampoo and conditioner! Hahahaha! But it’s more fun with longer hair because you can do so many styles with it. My hair is actually naturally straight but I’ve been getting a perm once a year for the last 5 years because I really like having curls. If only I have the patience to style my hair everyday, use a curling iron or use hair products but unfortunately I have very little patience with styling my hair plus hair products doesn’t keep the style on my hair to stay put…..hairspray will only last about an hour then my hair goes flat and back to being straight…..that’s why I decided to get the perm that way the curls will give my hair a little bit of style with no effort at all 😉 I hate blow drying my hair too! I spend a minute or two for my bangs and voila! I’m done! Ready to go with a damp hair and blow dried bangs! LOL! 😀

    Thanks for the feedback!!!

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