Celebrity Chef Sighting!

I was having one of those uneventful Friday night when all of a sudden my mundane Friday night turned into something quite interesting 🙂 I couldn’t decide whether to eat dinner or just have a snack that night because I ate half of my lunch late in the afternoon while at work but by 8:30PM I was getting a little hungry and didn’t want to have a big meal so I figured I’d get a snack.  I was craving for some typical “Pinoy” (Filipino) kind of snack so there’s no better place to go than at Kalye Hits. This place is pretty awesome as this is the only place I know that serves a wide variety of authentic street foods just like in the Philippines.  Well, guess what?!! I got there and the parking was pretty full and there was a lot of people inside this little eatery.  On top of that there was a camera crew! Little did I know that I was about to witness one of my favorite celebrity chefs film his show! Do you guys watch any shows on the Travel Channel??! What’s your favorite show?? Are you a fan of Bizarre Foods?!! Don’t you just love Andrew Zimmern?? Well, I got so lucky to be there at the right time because he was filming his show at this little eatery called Kalye Hits! I was so amazed to see how they film the show and even more amazed to see Andrew Zimmern chow down some authentic Pinoy (Filipino) street food! He’s such a cool guy and actually taller in person compared to how he looks on-screen.  He was super cool as well as his crew and they didn’t mind that everyone kept on snapping photos while they were filming 🙂  They were filming for at least an hour and a half and Mr. Bizarre Foods- Andrew Zimmern was so gracious and took the time to pose with his fans for a photo op! It was pretty awesome and what a nice guy!!! 

I still couldn’t believe that I got to see him in person, see how they film one of my favorite shows and the episode is about an important part of the Filipino culture, the Pinoy street foods! 

I must say that my mundane Friday night turned out to be something more and my random craving for fish balls turned into a random lucky moment with one of my favorites! Awesome!!! 🙂

Below are some photos that I took using my mobile phone.

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