Random Moments + Random People = Life Lessons!

Have you ever wondered why you cross paths with certain types of people? Why at some random moment you meet certain people that actually plays a bigger role in your life than you everguys imagined. How that random encounter at a grocery store, some event, at a bus stop or at some random place evolves into a lifelong friendship? I always wondered about that stuff but today I came to a realization and I couldn’t help myself from shedding a tear.  I just realized even more how blessed I am and that God continues to watch over me even if sometimes I forget to pray and ask for guidance.  I’ve gotten to a point where I was so upset with what’s happening in my life and that I questioned God. I asked why He’s giving me trials that I feel like I can’t surpass. I felt helpless at one point and thought that maybe He had abandoned me. But today I found a new understanding as to why we meet certain types of people along the way and what’s their purpose. I believe that God put them there for a reason. There’s a purpose and I believe that now more than ever. I think that sometimes when everything is going great with our lives we tend to forget about the little things.  We don’t realize how every little thing is connected to our whole being.  How random events and people play significant roles in our lives. I truly believe that each person we meet along the way is there to teach us something.  We may not realize this right away but if you take a moment to re-evaluate your life, you’ll realized that certain people you’ve met along the way have taught you a valuable lesson or two about life.  You could be driving on the freeway and someone cut you off without putting their signal on and most people’s immediate reaction would be to get upset and sometimes even stick their finger out but if you would pause for a second to think instead of giving in to your emotions right away, you would realize that this random person’s inconsiderate decision is actually teaching you how to become more patient. I know it’s not always easy but I know for a fact that being more patient is much easier than getting worked up over something that another person did.  You can’t let this person or moment get the best of you.  It’s not worth it!

Do you ever notice that when we are going through some pretty rough times in our lives we meet certain people that somehow helps us realize our full potential.  For some reason they have a way of bringing out the best in us even though we’ve only known them for a short amount of time. Like what I said earlier, sometimes these are people that we meet at random moments and in random places.  I think it’s God’s way of communicating with us when our mind is so clouded with despair that we begin to question His presence.  He sends his messages to us through these people and events.  He wants us to know that He’s there at all times and that He would never abandon us. Sometimes we just really need to take a moment of silence, clear our head and open our eyes to see what’s been there all along.

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