Escalator Phobia

It’s been many years but I still can’t get over my phobia of escalators 😦 I feel like I’m going to fall every time I’m on it. This started after I almost fell from an escalator back when I was just 8 years old. We we’re at the movies to watch Care Bears at that time and I missed a step in the escalator. Luckily I had long hair then and my mother was able to grab my hair and that saved me from getting injured. My excitement that day to watch my favorite Care Bears quickly turned into fear. I got so scared because I thought I was going to fall. Thank God my mother was there!

It’s been many years though and I still have this fear of escalators. Sometimes I’m okay when I know I have to go on an escalator but most of the time I get anxiety riding an escalator while I have my Kung Fu grip on the escalator’s wheel! LOL!

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2 thoughts on “Escalator Phobia

  1. I remember being forced by my mum to go see the Care Bears movie because my sister was seriously into them. Did you see Crocodile Dundee by any chance where he has that problem getting on the escalator?

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