Big surprise for hard-luck couple (via This Just In)

WOW! This brought tears to my eyes! Life really does have a funny way of working things out and I believe that it’s not just luck that played a role in this…if it’s meant to be…it’s meant to be…it is GOD that answers our prayers and it’s disguised in many ways…one of ’em is what we call “LUCK”…one of the many forms of blessings from above 🙂

Just when things look hopeless, sometimes an unexpected breakthrough happens. Just ask David and Beth Loomis of Columbus, Ohio. David Loomis lost his job last year, and his unemployment benefits were about to expire. But while Beth Loomis was walking their dog Tuesday morning, she found a dollar and thought, “I guess this might be our lucky day,” she told CNN affiliate WBNS. Boy howdy. Ohio Lottery officials had invited the couple to come to lott … Read More

via This Just In

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