Cali Roadtripping in Style

Can you imagine cruising the California coast with this bad boy?!? My sister and I were talking about this a few days ago and we couldn’t help but laugh out loud …through texting though! Hahahaha! I said to her ” we’d spend all our money for gas ” and she goes, ” where are we going to put our luggage? ” Hahahaha! Oh, the dilemma! As if we’re actually going to do it! LOL! Maybe if it comes in hybrid??? Eh, still NOT an option! I think my sister’s idea of renting a convertible car is a better option. She’s always loved convertible cars for as long as I can remember. She talked about it a lot when she was little and she also loved Corvette at that time. I think that’s what she wants for her 25th birthday! A Cali roadtrip cruising in a convertible Corvette! What a totally fabulous way to celebrate your birthday! I’m lovin’ the idea!

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