The Daily Post Topic #30: It’s Time to Vent

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

What usually drives me nuts is when people are unappreciative. Sometimes people don’t realize that saying the word “Thank You” is not the only way of expressing gratitude. Just like with expressing resentment through actions rather than words, you can certainly do the same thing to express gratitude. For example, if a friend volunteered to give you a ride somewhere or you asked them to help you out with something and they didn’t even think twice, I think it’s just common courtesy to volunteer to help them out next time if you are aware or noticed that they need help. You might say “Well, they’re not asking for help.”, sometimes some people are hesitant to ask even when they really need help because they don’t want to be a hassle or a burden to anyone, sometimes even to their own family. You might say, “Well, I didn’t ask them for help! They volunteered!”, even so, I think expressing gratitude even in the smallest, simplest way is a vital part of our lives and in creating a harmonious relationship with each other.

” Gratitude may be the purest measure of one’s character and spiritual
condition. The absence of the ability to be grateful reveals self-
centeredness or the attitude that I deserve more than I ever get, so I do
not need to be grateful.”

— Alan Culpepper

2 thoughts on “The Daily Post Topic #30: It’s Time to Vent

  1. Saying thank you is such an easy thing to do, but can mean so much to people. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone offered to help but no one asked for it?

    However, I would personally try and be a bit careful about getting too upset about people not showing gratitude. Different people and different cultures will respond in different ways to your help or kindness. The absence of a ‘thank you’ does not always mean they are not grateful.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It’s very that saying Thank You is such an easy thing to do and I believe that anyone is capable of showing gratitude in many different ways.

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