Which photo should I submit for the exhibit??

Please help me choose by voting.

The exhibit wll run from Feb 18-Mar 4, 2011. Location is listed below.

El Cajon, CA 92020

13 thoughts on “Which photo should I submit for the exhibit??

  1. hi edelweiss….Now I understand why you’re having a hard time figuring out which photo to choose, every entry is extremely a work of art….I had a hard time too….I opted to choose the ones I think in my own way will win you the title….good luck and i’ll be waiting for more to come….as always it’s a masterpiece…..hope you take my picture someday….god bless….=))

  2. I chose the walk to remember, it is both beautiful and touching! I am so excited that it will be running while I’m there, we have to go so I can see 🙂 Good luck seeester ❤

  3. Hello Edel, they are right everything in your entry are superb… Love your shots, it’s a masterpiece. Good luck on your entry…

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