Girl Talk: The Sweater Dress Issue

I’ve been wanting to talk about this since Thursday but I had quite a busy Friday and never got around writing about it.  Anyway, has any of you ever purchased a clothing item that you were so excited about because it’s a little different and you know you won’t randomly bump into someone somewhere and they are wearing the same exact thing? Well, two and half years ago (yes, I remember exactly how long ago it was…I’m pretty good with dates!:)) I saw this dress from Mango and was immediately drawn to it because I thought it was different.  I liked the style of the dress. I like sweater dresses but I have a hard time finding one that fits me well and although I saw this dress online, I just have the feeling that it’s going to fit me perfectly. I also liked how colorful the sweater was and I thought the color combination worked well together although I would normally go for a plain colored sweater especially since this clothing item is a sweater dress.  So, I decided to purchase the dress and 10 days later here it comes delivered to my door by the bubbly UPS guy- there are 3 different UPS guys that delivers in our area and all 3 have very interesting personalities.  Hahahaha! Of course, I don’t know them personally but I just based my judgment on how they approach me or Noel when delivering items. Lol! Anyway, I was so excited about my purchase and couldn’t wait to open the box and try on my new sweater dress! So I tried it on and it fit perfectly! Just like how I imagined it! It’s everything I wanted UNTIL I checked the label of the dress and this is what it says “DO NOT TUMBLE DRY”, “DO NOT SOAK”, “DRY FLAT”, “HAND WASHING MAX 30°C”, “DO NOT BLEACH”, “IRONING MAX 110°C”, and “DO NOT DRY CLEAN”! Seriously??? Are you kidding me?!?!? I’m surprised it didn’t say “DO NOT WEAR”! Mango usually lists all this and the fabric type online but how could I miss all this info! I’m VERY meticulous with everything that I purchase. I check it for damages (scratch, loose threading, button alignment, etc.) and read everything on the label before I purchase it. I read about the fabrics/materials so I know how to better care of it. What was I thinking buying this sweater dress?!?!! Ugh! I must’ve been so excited that day that I ignored what’s on the label! Big mistake! So 2.5 years later I still haven’t used this sweater dress and I thought about wearing it the other day but I’m hesitant because I can’t just throw it in the washer afterwards or dry clean it. It’s too much work for one piece of clothing. I think taking care of a wedding gown or dress is even easier than this little sweater dress that I bought! Well, lesson learned, right?! The meticulous me is even MORE meticulous now when it comes to buying clothes. I have this checklist as my guide so I won’t have a lot of issues when it comes to taking care of my clothes.  Yeah, I know. Some of you might think this is too much but hey, I just want to get my money’s worth! I’m sure everyone can relate to that and of course it makes my life easier to wear clothes that are SO MUCH more easier to take care of.  Now I wouldn’t mind all the extra steps in keeping a gown, dress or a cashmere sweater looking as good as the day I bought them! Those types of clothing item deserves that extra care! 🙂 So to all my lovely ladies out there, it doesn’t hurt to read the label. A quick glance at it could help make your lives easier and keep those fabulous outfits looking brand new 😉


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