Lobster Dinner < a Movie Ticket!

So when we were in LA this past weekend and decided to make a stop at Chinatown we weren’t planning on eating dinner there but while exploring the area we couldn’t resist following where that oh so yummy BBQ smell was coming from πŸ™‚ …and there it was…the irresistibly yummy BBQ smell was coming from this restaurant called “Hop Woo“. Really? Hop Woo? Never heard! So we decided to check out the restaurant just to see their menu but after seeing the photo of their lobster dinner we decided to stay. There was a lot of people that night. Mostly families having a sit-down meal together :), which is probably a rare thing nowadays. Kids are growing up WAY too fast these days and are SO addicted to technology! Even a 7-year-old has a mobile phone nowadays! Anyway, so I decided to order their “lobster dinner special” which was a bargain! So, I was expecting a pretty small lobster because a movie ticket costs more than my dinner but to my surprise my lobster dinner special was as big as the lobster being served at those fancy restaurants that charges triple or probably even more. I was a happy camper that night! πŸ™‚ Actually everything that we ordered tasted really good and their portions were pretty big. Good for two people I’d say. But I think the best part was the price! You don’t always find a restaurant that serves really good food, big portions and reasonably priced especially nowadays.

So, if you happen to drop by at Chinatown in LA one of these days, make sure to check out Hop Woo. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied as well and don’t forget to pick up some snacks at Fusion Delight after! They have a variety of dried fruits to choose from as well as beef and pork jerky, seafood jerky, dried veggie, tea and other healthy products! πŸ˜‰ I particularly like the dried jackfruit and sugared water chestnuts!

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