Colbie and Justin in love!!! I like! :)

Love this new song from this duo and I’m so happy that they are finally dating!!! Hehehehe! The first time Noel and I saw them back in ’07 we could tell that there is a chemistry there. Then after seeing them again and actually meeting them last year, it was even more obvious that they click together! It was our first time meeting Colbie and 3rd time meeting Justin and they are both super nice! I was so psyched that I got to hug Colbie and she even called me sweety! That was the highlight of my summer last year! Hahahaha! I just love her! Just felt like sharing the story since there are many people out there like me who are hoping that they would end up together 🙂 They are so adorable and they make beautiful music together!
Below are some photos and videos I’ve taken from Colbie’s first show of her Breakthrough tour last year. It’s pretty cool that San Diego is always her first stop for every tour that she does! Enjoy!

Tied Down

Lucky feat. Justin Young


2 thoughts on “Colbie and Justin in love!!! I like! :)

  1. Awesome, thanks for posting these videos! I’m a huge Colbie + Justin fan and love them together and their music. I come back to enjoy these vids often, they make me smile 🙂

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