The Daily Post Topic #31: If you had your own reality TV show…

If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about? Who would the main characters be?

If I had my own reality TV show it would be called ” Un Giorno Nella Vita (A Day in the Life), Making . every . moment . count . with . life . love . and . everything . in . between! “, which is the name of my blog :). The main characters would be myself and my closest family and friends and it would be about my adventures in life and how I address my problems or concerns based on my experiences and advice of the people who are closest to me. It would be like a TV journal where I can share to people what I have learned about life based on the choices and decisions I’ve made and hopefully I am able to help and give them a new perspective in life in case they are in the same situation that I was in.



Of course Apolo Anton Ohno, Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Sara Bareilles (to sing the theme of my show…LOL), the cast of Vampire Diaries & Greek and Julia Roberts would be in it too! Hahahaha!

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